The Mythological Wedding of Peleus

The Mythological Wedding of Peleus

Peleus and Thetis - a marriage milestone in Greek mythology. A marriage that brought about the Trojan War and a marriage that took place on our shores, just 40 minutes from the base of Stavento Sailing. What happened then ? What does the myth tell us ?

Versions of the myth

There are two different versions about this marriage. The prevailing version says that Peleus first saw Thetis at night with a full moon on the coast of Pelion. That night, Thetis (who was a Nirides) was playing carefree with her sisters on the beach. Naturally Peleus fell madly in love with her and started looking for ways to win her heart. Help came from the centaur Chiron, who taught Peleus that the way you can catch a Nirides was with a special grip.

Peleus and Thetis

The Nirides entities were women with supernatural powers. Peleus approached Thetis and applied that grip that Chiron had mentioned. Thetis fought hard as she did not want to be caught by a mortal, changing her form four times from a woman to fire, a lion, a snake and water. Ultimately she did not succeed to escape and thus returned to her original form and followed Peleus, agreeing to become his spouse.

In the second version, mythology tells us that Zeus and Poseidon both wanted to claime the beautiful Thetis. The collision of two gods and brothers was about to reach the ends when the goddess Themis goddess and revealed to the two brothers that prophecy said thatThetis will give birth to a son stronger than his father. Fearing, therefore, that Zeus could lose his power, he decided to allow Thetis to marry a mortal, so her children would not have divine powers. And indeed, Zeus chose a very devout young man, that of Peleus.

The Wedding

The wedding of Peleus and Thetis took place in the caves of Pelion with great pomp, and present were all gods, demigods and mortals kings of the time. The goddess Eris was missing from the ceremony as she was not informed about it. Naturally, Eris would not let be forgotten. For revenge she threw a golden apple among the guests, which was inscribed with the word "Kallisti", meaning the most beautiful. A huge fight erupted between Hera, Aphrodite and Artemis about who was the most beautiful.

Finding a way to solve the dispute was assigned to Paris, a new attendee, who had to choose who to present the apple to. Paris offers the apple to Aphrodite, who had promised to help him win the heart of Helen. Paris was success in this, and Helen followed him to Troy, and where the Trojan War happened. And of course, from the union of Peleus and Thetis came Achilles, who led the Greeks in the Trojan War, several years later.